About Me
I have lived in Kingston SE (South East of South Australia) since 1993, although Kingston has been part of my life from the early 1980's.

I love taking sports photos ... trying to capture that "special moment" which would otherwise be missed by the naked eye.
You never know what you might “catch”.
Some moments make you want to go “wow!” others are inspiring or funny or “what-the-heck?”.
I now cover local football (Australian Rules) and netball in the Winter season ... with tennis and cricket over Summer.
I also cover dirt kart racing at Lucindale and Bordertown – small county towns near Kingston SE in the South East of South Australia.

I get such a buzz from capturing the sporting lives of our local players and being able to share their “moments” here.
I get a lot of satisfaction knowing the kids (and adults) are checking out their photos each week.
Country sport plays such an important role in bringing the community together.
There is such a strong sense of "family" as we travel around the south east playing sport.

I really think I prefer photographing country/junior sport, rather than having the chance to shoot professional sport.
There may be kids who are not the best players or not naturally gifted … but to catch a moment where they look (and feel) special is something very rewarding to me.

I am now retired after teaching science and maths for 40 years.

Would I like to be a professional photographer? No ... no ... no!
I take photos because I want to, when I want to, of subjects I want to ... and not because I have to.
I would hate to have the pressure that must come with trying to earn a living from taking photos for others. I think it would take a lot of the joy and pleasure out of my photography.

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